Contact information:

Voice: +972 (8) 9390138


Address: Rehovoth, Levin-Epstein st., 44/31

Immigrated to Israel: 21/10/1999


A software engineering position using my skills in programming and management and my background in computer science and statistics, encouraging learning new technologies.

Areas of expertise:

12 years of broad experience in database programming.

34 years of broad experience in software for data processing and in applied statistics.

Data analysis applications in the humanities and socio-economic research.


1983 – Ph.D. computer science, St. Petersburg (Leningrad) State University, Department of Mathematics & Mechanics.


1971 – M.S. degree with distinguished honors in mathematics (probability theory & mathematical statistics), St. Petersburg (Leningrad) State University, Russia.

Professional courses:

2004 – SAS: The Report Procedure; Color Graphics  (MIA Computers)

2003 – SAS Programming III: Advanced Technique  (MIA Computers)

2003 – SAS Macro Programming: Advanced Topics  (MIA Computers)

2002 – SAS Macro Language (MIA Computers)

Employment record:

2006–now – Applied Materials Israel Ltd   (Rehovot)

Position: Software engineer.


2000–2005 – Q. B. I. Enterprises Ltd   (Ness-Ziona, Israel)

Position: Scientist in the Bioinformatic Unit; Database programmer and senior system analyst in IT Unit (since 2002).


1995–1999 – Center for Strategic Analysis of Social Processes, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Position: Head of sector for mathematical modeling.


1990–1999 – St. Petersburg (Leningrad) Institute for Economics and Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Position: Senior researcher.


1975–1990 – Institute for Socio-Economic Problems, USSR Academy of Sciences.

Positions: Junior researcher, researcher, senior researcher.


1971–1975 – Leningrad Branch of the Central Institute for Economics and Mathematics, USSR Academy of Sciences.

Positions: Junior researcher.

Programming languages used:


Java (Borland JBuilder), Perl, Borland Pascal, Delphi.

DBMS:  Oracle, MS SQL Server, FoxPro.

Text Markup: TeX, HTML, MS Excel, and Crystal Reports.

Data Processing: SPSS, SAS, MATLAB


Windows 95/NT/2000, DOS, Unix.

Research and Software Development:


2000–2005 – Data flow analysis, design, and implementation of corporate research databases and workflow; integration between multi-platform applications; integration testing. Back-end: Oracle, MS SQL, mysql; Business logic and front-end: Web-based applications, VB desktop applications, MS/Access, Excel/VBA, Crystal Reports, Accelrys Accord HTS, ERP (Maale); Tools: ASP.Net, VB, C++, Java, SAS-ODBC connection. Development results are in use in biological/biochemical services (antibody production, LTS experiments, RTPCR, etc.) and ERP.


1988–1999 – Design, development, implementation and integration of statistical data analysis applications with database functionalities: sociological survey support, stock exchange analysis, etc. (C/C++, Pascal/Delphi, FoxPro, SPSS).


1999 – Development and implementation of program package for text auto-decoding. The package recognizes various encoding and charsets for Russian texts damaged by incompatible code transformations consequently applied on several intermediate servers (C, Unix).


1985–1999 – Statistical data analysis for researches in sociology, medicine, biology and economics (FoxPro, SPSS, MATLAB). Results are published.


1971–1987 – Design, development and implementation of program tools, system libraries and packages for statistical analysis and for user application development: system library for GUI development in visualization applications (C, DOS); statistical analysis package for BESM6 computer (descriptive statistics and analysis of distributions, analysis of correlations, regression analysis, component analysis, factor analysis, analysis of variance; this package was accepted as a standard one for Algol software in association of BESM6-users);  statistical analysis on database in the FoxPro format; access to databases in DBF-format (C, DOS), etc.



50 scientific publications, list available upon request.

Languages known:

Russian (mother tongue)

Hebrew (good)

English (good)

German, French (technical reading)

References for recommendations:

Available upon request.

Personal features:

Productive, warm and easy interaction in a working group. Rapid learning and immediate application of new technologies.